I Came Back as a Martial Genius

I Came Back and I Was a Martial Genius ; I Came Back, a Martial Genius ; I Come Back and I'm a Martial Arts Genius ; Martial Art Genius Returnee ; Return of the Martial Arts Genius ; Returned as a Martial Arts Genius ; Returned as a Martial Genius ; The Resurgent Martial Prodigy ; When I Went Back, I Was a Martial Arts Genius ; 回帰したら武功の天才 ; 회귀했더니 무공 천재

Authors : Kim Iseung

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Webtoons , Shounen , Action , Adventure , Drama , Martial arts

Chapters: 55

Last update: 9 hours ago


Demons came pouring from a portal that appeared out of nowhere and caused the Cataclysm. But all hope is not lost thanks to the Awakeners, people who can fight these demons. Jun Lee, a D-rank Awakener, is one of them. He fought demons heroically, but as someone who inherited nothing from his family, he could only go so far. As Jun Lee's life slowly whittled away, a system message appeared, informing him that a special martial arts route had opened...