Wake Up, WarriorChapter 98

I became the warriors' benefactor? One day, the five heroes from the legends appeared in my front yard. The antidote I made without thinking worked?! Really? I hate saving lives, but I've lost the will to say no. Let's just treat them as soon as poss

Don’t Mess with My Duke Dubless!Chapter 64

Read manhwa Don't Mess with My Duke Dubless! / Don't Be My Darling / One day, Jade Kinsel finds herself in the world of the novel .She decides that, while she is here, she'd try and change the ending of her favorite character-Duke Dubless. Rather t

The Devilishly Trash DukeChapter 33

Read manhwa The Devilishly Trash Duke / ?After a fatal tragedy, our heroine wakes up as Aurora, a character from a novel she once read. While coming to grips with her new reality, she's sent to marry the Duke of Ettica, a.k.a. infamous piece of tr

Ungracefully GraceChapter 29

Read manhwa Ungracefully GraceWealth, beauty, power Grace had everything in her hands from the day she was born. Then she got herself banished for single-handedly fighting against 17 nobles. After her yearlong exile, Grace returns to find trouble has

Exclusive Possession: Young Master Ji's Beloved WifeChapter 101

In her previous life, her sister took everything from her and imprisoned her in a dark place for three years! Thank G** for giving her a second chance to live. Watch how she makes a comeback, starts a beef with thots and scumbags, and win over the Pr

The Maid and Her Favorite King of DarknessChapter 31

The King of Darkness and his maid? Anna River is reborn as a character in her favorite novel "The Sacred Virgin and the King of Darkness". Will she stay a side character like she's supposed to, or will she take matters into her hands and save the inf

The Murdered Princess and the Innocent TraitorChapter 11

Brigit, who has spent her entire life as a commoner orphan, finally reunites with her brother, the emperor, and her sister, the princess.Just as she begins to envision a bright future with her family, she is brutally murdered by her own siblings as a

Theory of ParadiseChapter 100.5

The spoils of the Urban Alliance, 'Yoo Eun-woo' enters the Urban Alliance Central School as if kicked out of the military.There, he meets 'Seo Jae-hee', the president of the student council, and 'Jeong Yun-hwan', a former member of the Urban Alliance

Teaching the Royal Brat a LessonChapter 26

Read manga Teaching the Royal Brat a LessonElysia, the refined daughter of a duke, was meticulously raised to fulfill one singular purposemarrying into royalty. The culmination of her upbringing arrives as she is chosen as a potential bride for the c

Dear Hong RangChapter 19

When Jaeyi's half-brother Hongrang suddenly disappears, she bears the brunt of her wealthy family's scorn. 10 years later, a man claiming to be Hongrang appears, with much to gain should he truly be who he claims. Though Jaeyi can feel that something

Yankee Jk Kuzuhana-ChanChapter 206

A male to female ratio of 1:359?! Saotome-kun is admitted into a school full of gyarus.

The Former Structural Researcher's Story Of Otherworldly AdventureChapter 31

Kaoru Mochimizu, a 30-year-old female research scientist who studied the three-dimensional structure of everything. However, one day, she died in an earthquake and met a goddess. Having covered for her kouhai during the earthquake, she was allowed to

Himegasaki Sakurako wa Kyoumo Fubin Kawaii!Chapter 40

An average romcom told from the perspective of the losing childhood friend. Other things happen as well.

I’m getting married to a girl I hate in my classChapter 26

High school student Hojo Saito married his classmate, Sakuramori Akane, the girl who's his worst enemy in school."If you tell the rest of the class we're married, I'll kill you""I don't want them to know either. There's no point in that."Their newlyw

Reincarnation Of The Sword MasterChapter 24

At the threshold of life, a radiant white aura emerges. And death! Yet, in a twist of fate, the man is once again granted a new life. With a newfound purpose, he sets out to complete his existence as an unfinished "Swordmaster" from his previous life

My Sister's Happy EndingChapter 67

Yoon Bom-bit loves one thing above all else dating simulation games. Her most recent obsession? A feudal-era game called "The Lonely Hawk Sings in the Absinthe-Colored Cage" starring Anette De Valois. Bom-bit would do anything to give Anette the hap

A Cool Girl and a 12cm PromiseChapter 14

Read A Cool Girl and a 12cm Promise on mangabuddy

I Became the Beastman’s WifeChapter 231

During her nightly programming session, Yin Zhu suddenly died and was transmigrated into a world of beastmen. She found out that the original owner of her new body drugged Teng Xiao Her social awkwardness caused everyone to misunderstand her. She cla

My Angelic Husband is actually a Devil in DisguiseChapter 70

Read manhwa My Angelic Husband is actually a Devil in Disguise / Setia accepts the marriage contract offer from Miere Lunaria, a rich but dim-witted bachelor, only because she needs the money to get out of her family's debt. Only a month into thei

How to Clear a Dating Sim as a Side CharacterChapter 135

When Yewon opens her eyes inside Midnight, the top-ranked dating simulation game, she realizes things aren't quite as fun when her own life is at stake without a "Load Save" option. The only way to clear Midnight is to reach a happy ending with one o

The Secret Life of a Certain Count’s LadyChapter 91

The Secret Life of a Certain Count's Lady manhwa, "Lirian, the forces of evil are ravaging this world. We need a strong knight to destroy the spirit of evil that is approaching us. A righteous and strong knight! And the knight that's you, Lirian.

I’ll Retire After Saving the WorldChapter 20HOT
ActionMartial arts

Year 2044.Right before the global explosion of dungeonsthe end of the world. Andwhen I opened my eyes again, it was twenty years before the end. I, Woo Hwijae,must stop the apocalypse to secure my retirement plan!

The Chronicle of Seven CitiesChapter 15

The story is set in a near-future Earth, in the aftermath of a major disaster that shifts the planet's polar axis 90 degrees, situating the poles along the equatorial line and killing everyone on Earth. A moon-based colony avoids the disaster, and be

Surviving the ApocalypseChapter 11
ActionDramaMartial arts

A boy was locked in a basement and trained his entire life. His deranged father, the one who confined him, declared,"The Apocalypse is coming."Now, armed with the training and survival skills he had honed over years of practice, he must survive the i

What Do You Do When You Suddenly Become an Immortal?Chapter 150
ActionMartial artsRomanceSupernatural

What Do You Do When You Suddenly Become an Immortal at When your soul goes into others, others are also going into you. On this day, Lin Fan and the Saintess transmigrated at the same time, and later found out that they could transmigrate infinitely!

The Second Life Of The Archmage Dominates With Close-Range MagicChapter 23

"My biggest regret is not choosing that magic this time I'll definitely defeat you!!"The human race is on the verge of destruction at the hands of Vidrak, the evil g** who suddenly descended. Setsuna Cromwell, the strongest long-range mage, is defeat

Hardcore Leveling Warrior: Earth GameChapter 37

I'm... back! After a comet collides on Earth, a gaming world filled with monsters and dungeons becomes a reality. Amidst the chaos, Ethan wakes up as Hardcore Leveling Warrior, an almighty game character with exceptional luck and power. Once again, h

I'm da bestChapter 27

The story of junior high school student new outlook on life. Its an inspiring tale of the many issues in our modern society. And the undue pressures of society to conform their standards instead of being yourself. For those who dealt with issues such

She's My TypeChapter 78

After tomboy Haedam is thoroughly friend zoned by her first love, she's determined to glow up before college. But when she makes the wrong impression on her first day of school, she realizes she needs the help of her reluctant neighbor. In exchange,

Under the SkinChapter 2

This contains two short stories, one about Bun and a new kid he's found to replace Satoru from Heat; the second is a look at Bun and Daisuke (which can be considered the end of the saga).Part of Miyamoto Kano's "Walker" universe.Miyamoto Kano's "Walk

I Thought She Was A Yandere, But Apparently She’S Even WorseChapter 56

A man who no longer can turn a blind eye saves a girl who's being bullied by the other classmate, but little did he know.

Trample on the River of Immortality(Ta Sui Xian He)Chapter 326
ActionMartial arts

When Qin Lie realized that dignity can only be defended by strength, he took the Predestination Astrolabe and embarked on the path to become a God. He used his blood to write an immortal saga of Demons, Gods and Buddhas, a few people transcending the

The Suspicious Boy Is One of the World's Top Ten MastersChapter 22
WebtoonsActionDramaMartial arts

In the aftermath of Madorim's decline following the World War, a captivating tale unfolds as the maternal grandson, son of Lord Daesan's daughter, returns to the city. Despite initial feelings of abandonment, he emerges as a figure of unexpected beau

Heavenly Demon Cultivation SimulationChapter 128
ActionMartial arts

A group of scouts have been assigned to the area of the Mount Hua Sect by their great leader, The Mantis.'The protagonist Seol Hwi' faces the Hua Sect Master Goo JongMyung,' and falls in mortal danger.A status windows then pops up and made him return

A Tipsy Marriage Proposal for the EmperorChapter 58

A Tipsy Marriage Proposal for the Emperor / Whether it's beauty, status, or a Ph.D, Elliere has it all. But one thing she doesn't have is luck with men, which she discovers when her prideful fiance dumps her for "being a know-it-all." Enraged, Elli

I am the Older Sister of the Possessed Female LeadChapter 67

Read manhwa I am the Older Sister of the Possessed Female Lead / She is The Older Sister of The Posessed Lady / My younger sister who used to harass me has changed! "Me? Tied you up? My sister?" Why, why are you suddenly speaking formally? She can'

Battle StudiesChapter 12

You can't win through only with "friendship" and "youth". We stake our lives to get to Koshien!!Kanou Shoutarou entered an official baseball club at one of the best powerhouse baseball schools in the country - DL Gakuen. However the discipline in the

God of AutopsyChapter 19

Forensic Scientist Kim Junghoon lies dead in the National Forensic Service's autopsy room. He died full of regret after witnessing his work partner of 20 years, Kim Sangjin, distorted his very own autopsy report when he was still conscious and accuse

Don't Call Me a Naked Hero in Another WorldChapter 14

You can get cheat skills in a different world, but...Somehow, she has no clothesThe naked comedy of the girl from a different world begins!While bathing in a hot spring Runa Hatagami is mistakenly transferred to another world as a hero in a towel...M

Misumi-san wa MisukasenaiChapter 14

A romantic comedy about Yuri Tsuguto, who has clairvoyance but isn't good at it, and Misumi Mitsuhashi, a girl who likes strange things. One day, when I look at Misumi's back, who has a favor, I notice that the jacket is transparent and the message "

Magic Night’s MaskChapter 20

The "servant" of the demon boy group. There are cold and arrogant vampires, elegant and gentle dream-eaters, rebellious werewolves and adorable cat spirits in this group. Life as a demon is hard, they were forced to debut as a boy group to gain the "

The Last Golden ChildChapter 140

On her sister's birthday, Roxy lost everything to the gods that rule her world and learns that she is merely food for the gods. Hearing that she can revive her sister if she acquires a heart, Roxy sets out on a dangerous journey in search of it. Not

Surviving The Game as a BarbarianChapter 55

Read manhwa Surviving The Game as a Barbarian [By the studio that brought you !]The protagonist, Lee Hansoo, finally reached the boss stage after nine years of playing the game "Dungeon and Stone", which no one had been able to clear until now. Howev

I Became the Villainess in an Anticlimactic NovelChapter 60

I became a villainess of the novel I was reading.But this novelwas a novel with an anticlimactic conclusion where the empire suddenly collapsed just before the ending!To hell with the original story! I had to try and survive first.Thus, I was just tr

The Story of a Low-Rank Soldier Becoming a MonarchChapter 146
ActionMartial artsWebtoons

When I was 15, I lost my right hand on the battlefield. When I was 24, I mastered the skills that were necessary for my survival.But I was always told the same things, over and over:"Just quit. I'll gray even faster if I try to teach you sjutsu.""But

Hero KillerChapter 166

The world is in constant turmoil, with constant wars breaking out between Heroes and Villains. Gifted with supernatural abilities, one lone girl sets out on a bloody path for revenge against the injustices of the world she lives in. With the constant

Will you expose yourself today?!Chapter 17

Mini is a "Scum Detector", and her latest job is from a rich girl who wants to test her boyfriend's loyalty. However, her boyfriend, Zhao Yueming, is a straightforward gentleman, and Mini's usual methods don't work on him. This is a bit tricky for Mi

Old Newbie Kim ChunShikChapter 63

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