Is It Normal To Raise A Yandere Heroine As A Villainess ?!


Authors : 云隐雁鸣 , 魔仙社

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Drama , Fantasy , Romance , School life

Chapters: 43

Last update: 19 hours ago


Jiangyang is the chief artist of a game company who fell to death while capturing scenery at a cliff. In order to return to the original world, she trained very hard. However, she was forced into a magical world because a mysterious karma line, and picked up the heroine who was new to the campus and was being bullied by the villainess of the game. Jiangyang recognised that this was the exact same otome game as the one she was developing in her past life. The karma line was connected between herself and the heroine Stardew. She thought that she could return to her original world by following the storyline of the game. Nevertheless, throughout the game, she remembered that the dumb script that caused Stardew to suffer. Jiangyang, who has a strong sense of responsibility decided to lend a helping hand to Stardew. Not only did she help her remove rotten flowers such as the unfaithful prince, but also taught her skills to protect herself. As the two get closer, Jiangyang realises the karma line on Stardew isn't as simple as she thought+