Konbini Goto Kara Tasuketa Jimi Tenin ga, Onaji Kurasu no Ubude Kawaii Gyarudatta

The Sobbing Clerk I Helped From the Convenience Store’s Robbery Is in Fact a Naive and Cute Gal From My Class; コンビニ強盗から助けた地味店員が、同じクラスのうぶで可愛いギャルだった; Konbini gōtō kara tasuketa jimi ten'in ga, onaji kurasu no ubu de kawaii gyaru datta.; Konbini Goutou kara Tasuketa Jimi Tenin ga, Onaji Kurasu no Ubude Kawaii Gyarudatta; Konbini Goutou Kara Tasuketa Jimi Tenin Ga, Onaji Kurasu No Ubude Kawaii Gyarudatta

Authors : Yu Uonuma , Ah Bone , Nakamura

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Romance , Comedy , Drama , School life

Chapters: 22

Last update: 13 days ago


"Will you stay over at my house starting today?" Riku Kuromine, a second-year high school student, became despondent after being rejected by his childhood friend. He happens to enter a convenience store and saves a clerk who was being attacked by a robber. The clerk turns out to be Ayana Hoshimiya, the most popular and beautiful gal in school. As a result of this incident, Ayana asks Riku to protect her from a stalker and they start living together under the guise of him protecting her as she lives alone.+