When We Acquainted

Seasons of Fate; 시절인연 When We Acquainted

Authors : Summer

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Romance , Yaoi , Drama , Horror , Supernatural , Mystery

Chapters: 62

Last update: 6 days ago


That house has invioable rules:One, do not defile the gods.Two, the gods must not be defiled.Anyone who breaks them will be cursed.Lee Seojin lived an ordinary life, except for a strange encounter in his childhood. One day, he receives a disturbing message: "I want to see you and tell you something before I die." It was a poignant message from a girl who claimed to be his old classmate. However, when he meets up with her, she ends her own life right before his eyes.Gradually, Lee Seojin realizes that the things happening to him are related to Go Yoonhee.Between Go Yoonhee, the young master of a house of curses, and Lee Seojin, who is nothing more than an average person, something happens that cannot be undone...Presenting "When We Acquainted," the highly-anticipated successor to "The Eyes of Sora," by artist and author Summer.+